OUR MISSION, VISION AND GOAL!!! Edu-Plus Technologies view education as an integral part of its mission in the achieving personal development and sustainable. We are driven by meeting the educational and self empowering needs of our country. The statement is: “Moving from the survival to stability from success to significance” Who we are? Edu Plus Technologies is a skill development and transfer program. The skills that are developed with this program are information processing skills.  The method used is diagnostics then remediation, then preparation  and then acceleration. Information processing skills are skills the skills necessary for curriculum and information transfer, which should be  the foundation of the schooling system. Understanding the format and foundation of information processing skills are vital at the teacher/ facilitator level. If these skills are not understood, no effective reading and  effective information transfer is possible. Our Mission To equip people to read with understanding by providing you and i with a powerful tool that will enable us to  stretch ourselves beyond our personal best. It is our mission to develop technology to measure and correct the  words that builds our world, accelerating the mind of its potential. OUR VISION To see the coming together and shape of the relationship between all technologies that we develop to dynamically evolve in a self fulfilling answer of personal empowerment Our Goal To assist and empower each partnership we enter with the ability to understand how words create the world, with understanding of power of complete choice being: when there is nothing more to do, you just have to be. It is said that if you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there. Life without a purpose, passion and a plan is like a ship without a sail to destination. About Us (c) Copyright Edu-Plus Technologies 2011 Designed and developed by Crinet Systems